Notice of Precedence

These terms and conditions shall take precedence over any terms and conditions written or referred to elsewhere.


These are the College’s comprehensive general Terms and Conditions (T & C). They are sent to each applicant with their offer letter.

  1. These Terms & Conditions, together with the offer letter, learning agreement and student’s handbook, constitute the entire agreement between the parties and shall supersede any and all promises, representations, warranties, or other statements, whether written or oral, made by or on behalf of one party to the other, of any nature whatsoever or contained in any leaflet, brochure, or other document given by one party to the other concerning such subject matter. Any reference to “the College” or “OBC” refers specifically to Oxford Business College UK Ltd.
  1. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance and clarity on students’ personal liability for tuition fees and the College approach to reductions or refunds, including how they will be calculated, in cases where students withdraw, suspend or discontinue their studies for whatever reason, after initial enrolment has been completed. It also covers other relevant aspects along with the financial matters.
  1. The liability policy relates to the student’s personal liability for tuition fees regardless of the source of funding. However, wherever refunds are referred to, these only relate to the portion of the tuition fee that is paid directly by the student or by his/her sponsor. They do not include fees paid by various funding agencies, such as the Student Loans Company (SLC), which are subject to differing terms and conditions and which are generally made publicly available by the respective funding bodies.

1. Refunds

1.1 Refunds for withdrawals made within the “Cooling Off” period (from the date the acceptance and Offer of a Place has been made) of 14 days only, according to the College’s procedure are automatic. The amount refunded may be reduced or zero if 1 to 3 below apply under Applications & Payments. If the course has begun within the 14 days cooling off period, the cost of tuition for that term is non-refundable and a full term’s notice is required. Written withdrawal requests should be submitted to the Admissions department. The Admissions department will issue a receipt in writing, via email. Failure to provide written cancellation will incur the full fee applicable. In the case of a refund, an administration charge of £250 will be applicable. All other requests for refunds or reductions may only be considered in writing to the Admissions Officer in which case the following will apply:

a). 12 weeks or more before the Programme starts – No fee.

b). 11 weeks before the Programme starts – £100 administration fee.

c). 8 weeks before the Programme starts – 50% of the full applicable tuition fee.

d). 1 week before the Programme starts or after it has started – the full applicable tuition fee.

1.2 If a student fails to start a course on the commencement date or if a course is abandoned by the student before completion of the course, their name may be taken off the class register. In such cases no refunds will be made save in accordance with the terms set out above. A student shall be deemed to have abandoned a course, if his or her attendance falls below the required 80% attendance record.

1.3 Students enrolling at the college will be entitled to refunds from the college in the event of non-issuance of visa only. The amounts refundable will be as per the terms and conditions.

1.4 This policy may be changed from time to timein line with the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA), United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI), Consumer Contract Regulations (CCR), Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (CPR), Consumer Right Act 2015 (CRA) and Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) rules. Students will be notified of any such changes relating to refunds and fee liability.

2. Cancelation and Withdrawal

2.1 Cancellation

2.1 Students have the right to withdraw their application within 2 weeks after their confirmation of acceptance. This is called the ‘Cooling off period’.
In the event that a visa application is successful but a student fails to attend the College cut-off date, the full Tuition fees will be retained.

2.1.2 In the event that cancellation or withdrawal is due to refusal of a visa then the College reserves the right to exercise a lien on any fees until all original documentation supporting the student visa application, in addition to the original visa refusal letter from the British Authorities is returned to the College.

2.1.3 Once the College has received and verified the relevant documentation, and after which the College has confirmed acceptance, where a student requests to withdraw their offer within 2 weeks, the College will honour the College’s terms and conditions and issue a full refund of the Tuition fees to the student in accordance with the terms and conditions. Where a student requests a refund due to visa refusals or rejection of appeals, such a request must be made within 14 days of the visa refusal or the rejection of the appeal, after which time no refunds will be made. In the event that an appeal is submitted to the College, no refunds will be made until the outcome is known and then only within 14 days of the date of the outcome.

2.1.4 The College must receive written notice of withdrawal, which is effective from the date it is received by the College.

2.2 Notice to be given when withdrawing from a course.

2.2.1 If the student’s course has commenced, a minimum of one term’s notice (in writing) is required for withdrawal, or payment in lieu, regardless of whether the student continues to attend classes. Students following the English Language Preparation Programme must also give one term’s notice if they do not wish to progress further at the College. This applies to SLC students also.

3. Applications & Payments

3.1 Application and Enrolment fee:
3.1.1 If a student’s application is accepted, a written Acceptance and Offer of a Place will be made. If a student needs visa confirmation letters from the college, the full tuition fee needs to be paid in advance before the issuance of the Visa letter and CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies), unless the course is longer than one year in which case, one year’s fee is payable to the College or unless any other arrangement is agreed by the Head of Admissions.

3.1.2 It is an offence to furnish false information and/or records on or as a part of the application/enrolment /visa process.  In any case where false information/records are provided the application will be rendered void and all/any fees paid to the college will be retained by the College.

3.2 Non-attendance:
3.2.1 In the event that a visa application is successful but a student fails to attend the College at the start of the term, the full tuition fee will be retained by the College.

3.3 Fees:

3.3.1 Tuition fees, including registration fees are non-transferable to any other individual.

4. Student Loans Company

4.1 If you are from the UK or the EU and you have accepted an unconditional offer for an HNC/D, you may apply to the Student Loans Company for a loan to cover your undergraduate tuition fees, subject to satisfying the eligibility criteria.  If your loan is approved, your tuition fees will be paid directly to OBC by the Student Loans Company.

You will be required to pay any additional tuition fees to the College, other than those paid to OBC through the Student Loans Company, and you will be personally liable to the College for other financial charges set out at Section 4 below. The College will not make any refund of any tuition fees received through the Student Loans Company (http://www.slc.co.uk/), unless such request is received directly from the Student Loans Company. The request is in accordance with our policy and procedure regarding refunds.

 4.2 If for any reason the Student Loans Company does not pay any part of your tuition fees, you will be liable to pay any outstanding balance to the College.

Students funded via loans and/or grants from the Student Loan Company,

Student Finance England/Wales/NI or the Students Award Agency for Scotland and students who subsequently withdraw from, discontinue or suspend their studies at the College are still liable for the fee due for their period of study, including any shortfall between the tuition fee liability and the amount received by OBC from the above organisation.

5. Students seeking Tier 4 Sponsorship/Student visas

5.1 Full tuition fees will be refunded in case of visa refusals. However, the College will apply the following rule when calculating tuition fee liability and refund for international students seeking OBC Tier4 sponsorship/student visa, who withdraw from, discontinue or suspend their studies at the College for whatever reason: If the UK Government has refused a visa on the basis of incorrect or fraudulent information, cancelled or rejected a renewal of a visa, as a result of a breach of visa conditions or if the refusal is due to falsified documents, then no refund shall be made regardless of whether or not the student withdraws during the cooling off period.

6. Tuition Fees and Other Charges

6.1 Charges:

6.1. In order to maintain a high quality of provision in teaching and resources it may be necessary to increase fees. Students who have paid their tuition fees in advance will not be subject to any subsequent increases.

6.1.2. If payments become overdue from the due date by 7 days, the College reserves the right to suspend or cancel tuition by exclusion from the College and to charge interest on the balance at the rate of 12% per annum above the base rate of NatWest bank.

6.1.3. All fees will remain payable if the proper written notice of withdrawal has not been received by the College in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.

6.1.4. Please note that although students may leave College after they have completed their examinations, results will be held back till all dues are cleared.

6.1.5. In cases where there has been attempted but repeated failure of communication via email and telephone (three attempts to receive payment from student), requesting the applicant/student to make payment by the due date, the College may require payment of the fees for the remainder of the academic year in full, including fees for future terms which may not yet be due. The student may be prevented from sitting examinations/submission of assignments or the results of examinations/assignments and/or College references or other information may be withheld where fees remain unpaid in whole. Any unpaid accommodation fees do not affect the student’s rights where academic issues are involved; this is in compliance with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

6.2 Other charges:


6.2.1. Students should make provision for text books, printing, examination fees, and registration or re-resits or for any other Examining Board or associated or partner institute (e.g. Edexcel) which requires such fees:

a). Text books are charged between £15 and £20

b). Printing charges are 5p and 10p per black and white copy, depending on paper size.

c). Coloured copies are charged 50p and £1 per copy, depending on paper size.

d). Any incidental costs incurred on behalf of the student will be charged to the student’s account, for example taxi charges, excursions, airport transfers etc.

e). Examination, registration and other fees paid by the college on behalf of a student will not be refunded to the student even where the student decides not to take the examination or register with the external body.

f). Late submission of assignments will be charged at £99 per assignment.

g). If the student requires one to one tuition/catch up classes due to their absence or on request; additional charges of £50 per hour will be applicable.

6.3 Late Payment Charges:

6.3.1.There will be additional late charges at 12% per annum for delayed payment of fees, resubmissions and accommodation.

6.3.2. The College may take legal action for the recovery of monies due and, in such circumstances; the College reserves the right to make reasonable charges to represent the administrative and other costs to the College occasioned by the non-payment.

7. Course Deferment

7.1. If a student requests a deferral pre-registration for the first term, it will be free.

7.1.1. The second deferral request will be chargeable at £250 for Home/EU and £500 for International students.

7.1.2. The third deferral request will be chargeable at £2500 for Home/EU and £5000 for Internationals.

7.1.3. A maximum 3 deferrals of terms will be permitted to a student. The student will have to make a fresh application for the course after 3 deferrals.

7.1.4. The College reserves the right to defer or refuse a student, if a place is not available for his/her module during the term of student’s choice.

7.1.5. The Student will not be charged if decision for deferral is made by the College.

7.1.6. The student is not allowed defer a semester without formal written confirmation by the College. In case of course deferment, the College may have to notify other relevant stakeholders of such decision, including immigration authorities.

8. Programme Changes

8.1 The College reserves the right to change course start dates, course curriculum and programmes at any time due to errors, omissions and circumstances beyond the College’s control.

8.2 Any Student who is enrolled on a course and wishes to transfer to a different course should put this request in writing to the Academic Office. The Vice Principal or his/her nominated person will make the decision. There will be no refunds for courses under £1,100. If the student wishes to transfer to a new course in the middle of an existing course, the College reserves the right to demand all outstanding fees in respect of the existing course.

8.3 The College reserves the right to discontinue a programme or not to run a programme or a unit/module within a programme. The College will attempt to notify the student individually, or as part of a group collectively, of such action. The student may be offered an alternative course or deferment to another term. In such cases, the provisions of condition 19 below may apply.

9. Paying of Fees

9.1 Methods of Payment & procedures:
9.1.1 We offer the following payment methods for tuition fees and accommodation fees. All payments are in pounds Sterling.
Credit/debit cards

9.1.2 We accept all major credit and UK debit cards except for American Express and Diners Club. We can take payments over the phone.
Payments made by credit card will be charged 4% on UK credit card and 5% on international credit/debit cards, over the amount of transaction.

9.2 Because of the increase in worldwide credit card fraud, please advise your card issuer of the dates and amounts you will be paying for your tuition fees by card. This will ensure your transaction is authorised without problems or delay.

10. Sponsors

10.1 If you have a sponsor, such as an embassy, commercial or charitable organisation who is paying your fees, you will need to provide an official letter of sponsorship/ financial guarantee from them. This letter should include: the invoice address, name of student and amount of sponsorship. We will then invoice the sponsor for the full fee amount allowing 30 days for payment. Please note that if your sponsor fails to pay your fees you will be liable to pay your fees.

10.1.1 Parents, family members or friends who may be paying your tuition fees are not classed as sponsors.

11. Payment directly into Oxford Business College bank account

11.1 Payment can be made directly into the Oxford Business College bank account (see Bank Account details below).  For students paying registration, tuition or accommodation fees, please ensure the name or invoice number are clearly marked on payment documents.

11.2 Before applying to study at the College, the students may have consulted a nominated brand advocate/agent for advice and support.  In such circumstance the student is strongly advised not to pay any fee directly to the brand advocate/agent or any third party acting on behalf of the College. The student will be held responsible to pay for all appropriate services provided. The College is not liable for any payment made to the third party or bank account other than mentioned below.


Where possible, please email proof of payment and mention your invoice number in the payment reference to accounts@oxfordbusinesscollege.ac.uk.


Account name    Oxford Business College UK Ltd.
Account number    51066289
Sort code    60-07-41
Swift code    NWBKGB2L
IBAN number    GB40NWBK60074151066289
Bank address    NatWest, 30A Harborne Road
, Edgbaston
, Birmingham
 B15 3AA


Account name    Oxford Business College UK Ltd.
Account number    5
Sort code    60-07-41
Swift code    NWBKGB2L
IBAN number    GB40NWBK60074151066289
Bank address    NatWest, 30A Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3AA

11.3.1 The College accepts payment by cash, cheque, and bank transfer or credit/debit card.

11.3.2 The sender of funds is responsible for the bank charges and commission for both the sending and receiving banks; otherwise these will be applied to the student’s account. Unless written instructions are received to the contrary, all communications in respect to payments will be sent to the person responsible for paying the fees.

11.3.3 The college is not responsible for fees paid to an agent or any other person’s account. All fees must be personally payable to the College to secure a place.

12. Credits and Refunds

12.1 At the discretion of the College students are sometimes permitted to change their courses mid-term, in which case any consequent credit or debit will be adjusted on the student’s account. Please note, however, that the credit will only result in a refund if the student’s account, including any damages or other costs, is fully paid.

12.2 Refunds must be settled within 6 weeks at the end of a student’s course of study at the College, as laid down in their Study Plan, and must only be made in the name of the student regardless of who pays for the course.

12.3 Refunds are made after calculating any damages or disbursements due, or any other incidental fees or charges including administration fee of £250.
In the unlikely event of the College cancelling a course, a full refund of all fees will be made. The College shall not be responsible for any consequential losses suffered by the student as a result of the termination.

13. Scholarships and Bursaries

3.1. The College has an established scholarship and bursary scheme which provides financial support for students.

13.1.2. The Scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the College. Each application for a Scholarship will be processed in accordance with the terms set out on the College’s website. Details are available on the Scholarship and Bursaries page of the website: https://www.oxfordbusinesscollege.ac.uk/dev/fees-and-funding/scolarships-bursaries/

13.2. Bursaries are awarded as reductions to tuition fees, not as monetary awards. Scholarship-Bursaries-policy

13.3. Bursary awards are granted for the duration of a student’s programme, unless otherwise stated at the point of award. Once granted, the College cannot withdraw a bursary unless a student withdraws from their programme, or their programme registration is terminated by the College under the College’s Terms and Conditions of Contract or Academic Regulations for Students.

13.4. If a student transfers to an alternative programme at the College at the same level or where a student is materially delayed in completing their existing course at the College through an interruption to their studies that is within the reasonable control of the College, the College will ensure that any bursary awards that were offered to the student as a condition of offer is maintained throughout their studies.

14. Medical

14.1. If, as a result of illness or injury or other emergency, unforeseen event or change in personal circumstances, a place at the College is cancelled, or a student is withdrawn from a Programme, then the relevant charges or fees, will apply. The College is unable to refund fees when the student is absent (from Programmes) due to illness or injury or other emergency, unforeseen event or change in personal circumstances. The Fee Payer is therefore advised to arrange adequate insurance to provide cover for the refund of fees in such cases of illness or injury or other emergency, unforeseen event or change in personal circumstances. If the student defers a term for any reason, there is no guarantee of returning on next term if the modules are not running.

14.2 The College does not provide or insure for the provision of medical or dental treatment whilst in the UK. Students are advised to check eligibility for free of charge emergency NHS treatment and to obtain adequate insurance prior to travel for all other medical care.

14.3 Students should ensure they obtain appropriate medical insurance cover prior to their arrival, as NHS medical treatment may be refused or payment may be required.

14.4 All students on courses lasting 6 months or more will be offered registration with an NHS doctor. The cost to see a private doctor can vary. The student will be liable for this cost. All routine medical checks, including dentists, should be organised by students during college holidays.

15. Academic Standards

15.1. Students will be assessed each term by their tutor and/or the Vice Principal. If a student fails to reach the minimum appropriate standard in their course work, the College will not enter the student for external public examinations.

15.2. If a student does not yet meet University criteria for English Language the College will require the student to take its English Language Preparation course.

15.3. Students will not be permitted to progress through the course if they fall too far short of prescribed attainment targets, with respect to:

a) Standard of course work.
b) Examination results, both, internal and external.
c) Attendance.
d) Assignment submissions.

15.4. In such cases the College reserves the right to offer the student an alternative course which will be payable, or to request the student to withdraw from the College without refund. The college also reserves the right not to submit UCAS or University applications in the cases listed above (15.3 a-d).

16. Grounds for exclusion and termination

16.1. If the College requires the student to leave the course or programme for reasons of breach of the College’s Student Code of Conduct, poor attendance, lack of progress, or behavioural issues such as aggressive behaviour, the student will remain liable for the whole of the fee agreed at enrolment.

16.2. The student must abide by the College’s rules as set out in the terms and conditions, the prospectus, the Student Handbook, Programme Handbooks, Induction pack, any published policy or any other document that may be published or announced by the College from time to time.

16.3. The College reserves the right to require the student’s withdrawal including immediate withdrawal from a Programme, or part of a Programme, for breaching any of the above policies.

16.4. In the event of the student’s temporary or permanent exclusion from a Programme, or expulsion from the College, the student remains liable to pay the full tuition fees.

16.5. The College reserves the right to terminate the student’s course in the event of any the following occurrences:

  1. Attendance at timetabled course sessions does not meet minimum requirements.
  2. Non-payment of fees.
  3. Plagiarism.
  4. Conduct is in contravention of behaviour outlined in existing policies obtainable from the College.

17. Insurance

17.1. The College strongly advises students to take out appropriate accident and medical insurance. The College also advises students to take out insurance on personal belongings, to cover any loss or damage to their property which may occur while they are at the College or living with a host family, College accommodation or in self-catering accommodation. The College does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to students’ property, however this may be caused.

17.2. Health declaration:

17.2.1. All students must be of general good health and sound mind. Any illness, allergy, or disability must be reported to the College at the time of application – a failure to notify the College of any such health problem could result in a student being sent home and no refund of fees.

18. General

18.1. College rules:

Students attending courses at the College are bound by all College rules and regulations.

18.2. Late arrivals, absences and Vacations:

No refund will be made in the case of late arrivals or periods of absence during a course. Most of the College facilities will be closed during national holidays, and classes will not normally be held during these times or during scheduled vacation periods. No compensation will be given for classes missed due to a national holiday.

18.3. Publicity/Privacy policy:

By making an application to the College for study, the student agrees to the usage and storage of information for the College and any other relevant authorities such as SLC, BIS, HESA, QAA, HEFCE, etc. without written consent or notification.

The Student hereby agrees that the student’s photograph, quotations and achievements may be used for promotional purposes (printed and online) without written consent or notification.

Any disagreement should be made in writing to the college before the start of the student’s chosen course of study.

18.4. Data protection:

Any information provided to Oxford Business College may be held on computer and shall be used by the College in accordance with its Data Protection registration and Data Protection principles.

The Student is obliged to notify The College of a change of address, phone number or email address while enrolled on a course.

18.5. Liability:

Oxford Business College and its representatives are not liable for damages, injuries, illnesses and violations to people or goods, however these may occur, unless such liability is legally imposed.

18.6. Variation:

No variation to these conditions is valid unless agreed in writing by the College Management provided always that the College reserves the right to make any addition, amendment or alteration to these conditions upon giving one term’s written notice of such change to all affected parents, guardians and students.

18.7. Force Majeure:

It is a stipulation of this agreement/ contract between students and the
College, or its representatives, that neither the College, nor its representatives, are liable in cases where the College is unable to fulfil any services to which they are contractually bound because of employment/union disputes, natural calamity or other reasons which are beyond their control.

18.8. Student handbook:

Further details on our Code of Practice, the Acceptable Usage Policy for IT facilities and the College’s Accommodation Policy may be found in the Oxford Business College “Student Handbook” given to students upon arrival/induction at the College.

19. Refunds and Compensation

19.1. This condition forms part of the College’s Student Protection Plan, which sets out possible risks to continuation of study and the College’s position on refunds and compensation if those risks materialise. Please refer to the College’s Student Protection Plan.

It applies in the event that it is not possible for the College to preserve continuation of study.

The terms apply to all students, including students who are paying their own tuition fees, accessing student loans, and/or in receipt of student bursaries, and students whose sponsor (e.g. employer) pays their tuition fees.