Promoting Social Mobility Through Higher Education

For many, higher education is seen as a ladder to social mobility – a pathway to better opportunities and improved living standards. Oxford Business College (OBC), situated in the historical city of Oxford, UK, has always been at the forefront of driving this change. Recognising the integral role that education plays in promoting social mobility, OBC has adopted innovative strategies to make higher education more accessible, flexible, and inclusive.

Flexible Scheduling

OBC understands that conventional course schedules may not fit everyone’s circumstances. To cater to a diverse student population, including working adults, parents, and those with other commitments, the college offers flexible scheduling. This includes full-time, part-time, evening, and weekend courses, as well as online learning options. This flexibility allows students to balance their studies with other responsibilities, opening up opportunities for individuals who may otherwise find it challenging to pursue higher education.

Broad Access to Resources

In the digital age, learning is no longer confined to physical classrooms. OBC has made a substantial investment in digital infrastructure, providing students with comprehensive online resources. These include an extensive online library, interactive learning platforms, and virtual tutoring sessions. Such broad access to educational resources ensures that all students, irrespective of their geographical location or financial situation, can benefit from a high-quality education.

Financial Support

Understanding the financial challenges many prospective students face, OBC provides various scholarships and bursaries. The college has a robust financial aid system to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder capable and motivated students from pursuing their academic dreams. Through this initiative, OBC is making a significant contribution to levelling the educational playing field.

Diverse and Inclusive Environment

OBC fosters a diverse and inclusive learning environment. The college prides itself on welcoming students from over 90 countries, offering them a culturally enriching experience. This commitment to diversity not only exposes students to a wide range of perspectives but also helps to break down social barriers, fostering an atmosphere of equality and mutual respect.

Support Services

Support is a crucial aspect of OBC’s approach to social mobility. The college provides comprehensive support services, including academic advising, career counselling, and mental health resources. This robust support system ensures that students are well-equipped to handle any challenges they encounter, whether academic or personal.

Skills for Employability

Education at OBC is not just about academic knowledge; it’s about developing skills for the job market. The college’s curriculum is designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge, enhancing their employability and career prospects. Through industry placements and internships, students gain invaluable work experience, paving the way for successful careers and social mobility. Through these strategies, Oxford Business College is breaking down the barriers to higher education and creating a path to social mobility. By offering flexible scheduling, providing broad access to resources, ensuring financial support, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, offering comprehensive support services, and prioritising skills for employability, OBC is doing more than just teaching business – it’s transforming lives.