Oxford Business College is Expanding

Oxford Business College is Expanding

Welcome to our new London campus. Oxford remains our home, but as with all businesses, expansion is important. Our London campus will provide exciting new educational and business opportunities for all of our students.

London, the UK capital, is alive with possibility. It was recently voted the world’s best city to live, work and invest in, for the sixth consecutive year, by the well-respected Resonance Consultancy city ranking system.

With six major international airports, direct rail services to Europe, and a system of ports with global connections, London has for centuries been the UK’s gateway to the world.

Founded during the time of the Roman Empire, the city has grown exponentially during its 2000-year history, and is now a thriving metropolis. With a population nearing 10 million, more than 1 million private companies, and GDP in excess of £480bn, London’s economy is one that no business can ignore.

Multinational firms pride themselves on a London HQ, and with an ever-expanding roster of tech firms, start-ups and corporations choosing the city as their base, now is an exciting time to study business in the capital.

Our new campus opens at a key time in London’s development. With the city and the UK embarking on new trade deals and new global opportunities, our London campus represents an unmissable opportunity for students to learn and gain experience in a business environment bustling with possibility.

Combining the expert driven insights of our experienced faculty with the evolving business landscape of London, our new campus will soon be ready to welcome students from around the world to learn everything they need to know about business.

Join us and take the first step on your path to personal and professional development. At Oxford Business College, our motto is “It’s not where you come from, it’s where you choose to go”. With our new London campus, that saying couldn’t be more relevant. Whether you’re studying with us in Oxford or London, you can now choose to go wherever you want.

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