The College prioritises excellence in the fields of research & innovation. OBC’s team of researchers believes in high-quality research on learning, teaching, and assessment, which inform their practice, helping the students derive the utmost benefits. Oxford Business Research And Innovation Network (OxBRAIN), set up in 2021, is the standing testimony to its commitment.

OxBRAIN provides a stimulating and congenial environment for research, collaboration, and exchange of research ideas, both within the College and worldwide. To attract the best of international researchers and scholars, the College has directed its endeavours in developing a global network of Business Research with a significant focus on Private Higher Education in the UK and globally.

Most academic and non-academic staff members have written semi-academic chapters in our books on “Leadership and Management” and Learning and Teaching” in Private Higher Education.

International conferences

The Challenges and Prospects of Business Education in a Post Covid-19 World

Tayyaba Zia, a Research Associate at Oxford Business College, participated in a research conference examining the Challenges and Prospects of Business Education in a Post Covid-19 World. The conference hosted by ON Research (the Research Platform of the EU Business School) held in July 2021.

The paper presented by Tayyaba and co-authored by Dr Fayyaz Qureshi examines the satisfaction level of mature students with online teaching during the pandemic.

The paper was an important project designed to help all higher education organisations understand how mature students connect with digital learning platforms. The paper’s findings have already informed the approach Oxford Business College will take to help mature students get the most out of learning. The paper, published in the European Journal of Education Studies, can be accessed at:


Dr Hedda Martina Šola, a Research Coordinator at Oxford Business College, participated in CIRCUL-A-BILITY, the first international conference on sustainable food packaging. This virtually held conference, focussed on ‘Re-thinking Packaging for Circular & Sustainable Food Supply Chains of the Future took place in September 2021.

CIRCUL-A-BILITY is an open research network of more than 200 research scientists from over 40 countries. Dr Hedda’s research paper was on neuromarketing in the design of food packaging. Dr Hedda is well known for her expertise in neuromarketing. As Director-General of the Institute for Neuromarketing Croatia, she is a pioneer in the field. She has undertaken several research studies designed to leverage the power of neuromarketing to improve our understanding of consumer behaviours.

Current Trends in Psychology 

Katarina Sokić, a Research Associate at Oxford Business College, has submitted her abstract to the 2021 Current Trends in Psychology conference. The conference was held in October 2021 at the Faculty of Philosophy, the University of Novi Sad, in Serbia.

Dr Sokić’s abstract explores the effects of the Dark Tetrad on Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI refers to our ability to understand, control and recognise emotions. Dr Sokić’s research examines personality traits such as psychopathy and narcissism in the context of EI explicitly.

Research Team

Dr Fayyas Qureshi

Dr Fayyaz Qureshi

Head of Research


Dr Hedda Martina Šola

Research Coordinator


Dr Eleftheria Panagiotopoulou

Research Associate


Dr Alaoma Alozie

Research Associate


Dr Christiane Bellucci

Research Associate

Dr Susan Nwadinachi Akinwalere

Dr Susan Nwadinachi Akinwalere

Research Associate


Dr Ventsislav TsetskovIvanov

Research Associate

Dr Ilane Frank Dias

Research Associate

Ruqaiya Javed

Research Associate


Tayyaba Zia

Research Associate


Dr Saba Yasser

Research Associate


Dr Aljoša Šestanović

Research Associate

Dr Katarina Sokić

Research Associate


Dr Ljiljana Kukec

Research Associate