OBC join hands with Oxford village to help Afghans

Oxford Business College joined the residents of Garsington village in Oxfordshire to collect more than £6000 at a charity event for Afghan people. At this event in the last week of January 2022, the College donated £1000. The host of the event, high Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Mr Monowar Hussein said, “The compassion, generosity and love on display this evening will touch and sustain many lives in Afghanistan.”

The managing director of Oxford Business College, Dr Padmesh Gupta, said that the college believes in giving back to the community. He said, “as a socially responsible organisation Oxford Business College has a CSR wing which is actively contributing under the leadership of Mr Sarwar Khawaja. We work a lot towards the society and less fortunate people locally and nationally.” He mentioned many such campaigns and events, including the ‘Eating Together’ campaign, where Oxford Business College provided Christmas dinner and gifts to homeless people.

OBC Joins hand with Oxford Village to help Afghans

The Mayor of Didcot, Mr Mocky Khan, and Chair of South Oxfordshire District Council Cllr Jo Robb also attended the event with almost 200 residents of Garsington and Oxford. The fundraising event was organised at the Mughlai Manor. All the funds collected through the Charity Buffet Dinner, auction and raffle will be donated to Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) ‘Afghanistan Crisis Appeal’. DEC is an organisation that brings together 15 leading aid agencies to raise funds for countries hit by large scale disasters.

The event organiser and owner of Mughlai Manor, Mr Aziz Rahman, said -“I’m delighted with the response from everyone present at the event. Special thanks to Oxford Business College for their generous donation and everyone who contributed to making it a successful evening.”