Book on the impact of caste and communalism in Indian politics launched in Oxford

Oxford, 13 June. “India, as a growing economy, may become the most vital partner of the UK, but it should be careful about its social harmony and policy making at the same time to grow faster.” Says noted Indian journalist and author Abhigyan Prakash. His latest book, ‘From Lucknow to Lutyens: The power and plight of Uttar Pradesh’, underlines the importance of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) in Indian politics.

Published by Harper Collins, the book explores how and why a state with a 300 million population, commanding the most prominent space in Indian polity, is behind other regions in multiple development parameters. Abhigyan Prakash is an award-winning senior journalist and news presenter who travelled and reported extensively from across India on social and political issues.

Prabha Khaitan Foundation organised the book launch and interaction in partnership with British Council and Oxford Business College (OBC) on Friday, 10th June, in Oxford. In conversation with Arun Asthana, author and head of media and communications of OBC, Abhigyan talked about the pluralism around the globe. Referring to the diversity and coexistence of different communities in the UK, he emphasised that the dominance of caste & communalism in politics is blocking the pace of the development of UP and, subsequently, of the nation. 

A good number of book lovers, South Asia enthusiasts, social scientists and students from Oxford University also attended this OBC book club initiative at its Head office in Oxford. 

Mentioning the rich culture, legacy and diversity of UP and its capital – Lucknow, Arun Asthana said it is vital to know the province if one wants to know India. The audience asked a few probing questions regarding the influence of the province on the policy-making and political discourse of the nation.

Oxford Business College is the oldest independent higher education college in Oxford. Having campuses in London, Slough, and Nottingham and partnerships with multiple universities, including the University of West London and Buckinghamshire New University, the college offers a number of undergraduate courses. 

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