Job Description

Central HR Manager
Line Manager:
Staff Learning & Development
Head Office – Oxford Map View
Salary Scale:
£24,000 - £29,000 Full Time

About Oxford Business College

Oxford Business College (OBC) is the oldest independent Business School in Oxford, having been established over 35 years ago. We offer courses from Level 3 – Level 7 including Foundation Diplomas, Undergraduate degrees, Pre-Masters, Postgraduate degree programmes and English Courses.

Purpose of the Role

The Learning and Development (L&DCO) Co-Ordinator is responsible for the monitoring and tracking of professional development of the College’s staff. The L&DCO ensures that staff have and develop the knowledge, skills and personal qualities they need, in order to provide the best possible experience for all students at the College, in accordance with the College’s vision, mission and strategic priorities and statutory requirements. The L&DCO supports the work of the Central HR Manager and Head of Operations, by improving staff performance through focussed training and workshops that harnesses the collective expertise of internal and external stakeholders and adds value to the student experience.

Responsibilities towards all staff

  • Ensure all staff have completed mandatory training and this has been properly recorded with an annualised review cycle
  • Make arrangements to provide staff with the training and support they need in order to ensure students attain academic excellence
  • Ensure that CPD supports the College’s Learning Teaching and Assessment (LTA) Strategy
  • Provide staff with the training and support they need for their own personal development and career progression including the attainment of professional qualifications
  • Consult with key stakeholders and conduct needs analysis in order to determine what CPD to provide for all staff at the College
  • Create a CPD plan and calendar of in-house staff development training and workshops
  • Prepare and maintain the CPD training record
  • Report and make recommendations to the Talent Management Committee on the selection and monitoring of CPD for all staff at the College
  • Keep records of completed feedback forms for any CPD training conducted by staff
  • Oversee the progression of academic staff through the maintenance of individual CPD plans, including progress towards staff Professional Development Plans
  • Review and monitor the CPD policy and procedures and report to the Quality Enhancement Committee on implementation.

Responsibilities towards academic staff

  • Ensure that CPD covers a broad range of training and support, which is relevant to all academic staff at different stages in their professional development and career
  • Encourage and support individual staff to adopt an approach to CPD that will satisfy their own personal and professional needs and aspirations, and includes a combination of internal and external training and support where possible
  • Ensure that observations of learning and teaching as well as staff appraisals are used to inform the content and timing of professional development training and workshops for academic staff
  • Ensure that academic staff feedback on questionnaires and module and College-wide evaluations, inform the content and timing of their professional development training and workshops
  • Ensure the academic staff contribute towards a consistent, personalised and supportive student experience, with added value at all campuses.
  • Provide a programme of tailored professional training and support throughout the year for academic staff, which is designed to ensure that they are equipped to provide students with an excellent learning experience.
  • Ensure that academic staff take opportunities wherever possible to enhance relevant employability competencies of students.
  • Support academic staff in developing pedagogies that enhance learning in multiple ways, specifically taking advantage of affordances offered by digital tools.
  • Develop and embed research as a core component of continual development of pedagogy in the classroom and beyond.
  • Carry out research and networking with other organisations in order to remain up to date with pedagogical developments in higher education, and particularly in the field of Business Studies and Management.
  • Ensure that the College engages with external bodies for professional recognition and accreditation of staff CPD, such as the HEA Fellowship and Certified Management & Business Educator (CMBE) scheme by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS).

Essential Criteria

  • Previous experience in a HR training or talent management role
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the Learning & Development process and relevant compliance requirements
  • High attention to detail
  • Team player with the ability to work in a busy team but also able to work on own initiative and prioritise workload
  • Good understanding of the higher education sector

Desirable Criteria

  • BA (Hons) degree
  • A master’s qualification
  • Excellent industry knowledge
  • Previous experience in the Higher Education sector